Viktor Connroy

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Full Name: Viktor Connroy
Genus: Homo Sapien Sparsus
Place of Birth: Gaal City, Western Quadrant, Aurellia
Incept Date: Classified
Relatives: Unknown

"Viktor's Aptitude To Be The First In A Fight Could Very Well Be His Downfall One Day."-- GDF Personnel Dossier Excerpt

Viktor Connroy was youngest child born to Marten Connroy, a citizen of Gaal City, and Li Su Connroy (nee Chiang), an international translator and interpreter from Ardania.

As an international translator and interpreter, Li Su was tasked with the job of translating older mythical texts and arcane documents into formats that would be easily transferred across all known humanoid dialects; in doing so, Li Su made a name for herself in business and a virtual fortune for herself via the selling of information of any kind in any language. During one of these jaunts, she met her future husband, Marten “Flyboy” Connroy, then a pilot with Aurellia InterGalactic One, Gaal City’s luxury space transport fleet.

Li Su was attracted to Marten’s rough, yet reserved mannerisms, as Marten was entranced by his equally intelligent, yet extroverted counterpart-- after a brief courtship, they married and settled in making a home in the Central Quadrant of Gaal City, where Marten could continue with Aurellia IG One, and Li Su began handing over the day to operations of Chiang Dynamics to Chou Sen Chiang, her younger brother, in order to take care of their slowly growing family.

Viktor’s latent skills manifested themselves very early on; one moment in particular was the time young Viktor, while horsing with friends, was knocked off of their roof and to certain death. His latent abilities for both flight and pyrokinesis kicked in, with his hands creating a “fire cushion” for him to land on, despite causing millions of dollars in damage. His parents subsequently had Viktor enrolled into the GDF’s own rigorous DNA training regiment, and worked his way through the ranks to becoming a full fledged GDF Officer, much to their delight.

Viktor Connroy is currently on classified operations with the Gaal Defense Force; his current whereabouts are unknown.

Classification & Rank
Military Rank: Corporal
Strength: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified.
Stamina: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified.
Combat Skills: Close Quarters Combat, Weapons, Special Tactics, Reconnaissance, Gearsmith
Human+ Skills: Superhuman Strength & Agility
Self-Propelled Flight Abilities
Energy Transmission / Dispersal
Affiliation(s): Terra Force One