Kelshawn David

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Full Name: Kelshawn David
Genus: Homo Sapien Sparsus
Place of Birth: Gaal City, Western Quadrant, Aurellia
Incept Date: Classified
Relatives: Walter David (father), Trudy David (mother, deceased), Marshall David (brother)

"Brash. Overconfident. Arrogant. He'll Make A Perfect GDF Officer."- GDF Personnel Dossier Excerpt.

Kelshawn David exhibited signs of his skills very early on in life; born into a military family, he always felt that the discipline and hard work ethic of the GDF was his calling. Showing an aptitude for both engineering and the sciences, his family submitted him to The Program, the GDF’s own rigorous DNA training regiment, and with the blessings of his parents, took on the long and very dangerous course to becoming a full fledged GDF Officer. Quickly rising through the ranks, Kelshawn was known as both a no-nonsense soldier, in and out of GDF.

Unfortunately, talent and ego sometimes goes hand in hand, so during a training exercise, his negligence caused another Officer in Training to receive a life-long injury; while the military tribunal found no explicit wrongdoing in his case, he was summarily demoted to Sergeant and has been placed on probationary advisory status; in doing so, Kelshawn has taken the lesson from this mistake and diligently worked for 3 years to re-attain his previous position and rank.

His skills in maintaining GDF Fleet ships caught the attention of Jordan Alcott who was also a Corporal at the time and was in need of an expert machinist and engineer on a handful of specific operations that were currently under his command. Under Jordan’s firm but guiding tutelage, Kelshawn has slowly but surely changed the perception of him to his superiors, and in doing so has earned Recon 001 Status, thereby qualifying him for CovertOp training and the ability to offer his skills to a wide range of classified GDF operations.

Kelshawn David is currently on classified operations with the Gaal Defense Force; his current whereabouts are unknown.

Classification & Rank
Military Rank: Major / Team Leader
Strength: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Stamina: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Combat Skills: Close Quarters Combat, Weapons, Special Tactics, Reconnaissance
Human+ Skills: Superhuman Strength & Agility
Human+ Intelligence Quotient
Psy-Spatial Transferrance
Affiliation(s): Terra Force One