Gayle Sader

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Full Name: Gayle Susanne Sader
Genus: Homo Sapien Sparsus
Place of Birth: Gaal City, Southern Quadrant, Aurellia
Incept Date: Classified
Relatives: Unknown

"If You're In A Jam With No Way Out, Call Gayle. I've Seen Her Jump Headfirst Into Fires That Would Make Any HeadSmasher Seasick."- GDF Personnel Dossier Excerpt.

Gayle Sader was one of the best and brightest from her graduating class at GDF Academy; her ability to get through the toughest obstacle and training courses in addition to her lightning fast aim and cool as ice persona on and off the field made her a perfect asset to GDF’s military operations.

Quickly rising through The Program, the GDF’s own rigorous DNA training regiment, as well as all three Terra Unit ranks made her a highly valuable operative for many of GDF’s overt and covert action initiatives. Much of her biography is under Eyes Only access, but it is known that she has a well rounded skillset in all forms of military and combat training.

Gayle Sader is currently on classified operations with the Gaal Defense Force; his current whereabouts are unknown.

Classification & Rank
Military Rank: Corporal / Co-Team Leader
Strength: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Stamina: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Combat Skills: Close Quarters Combat, Weapons, Special Tactics, Reconnaissance
Human+ Skills: Superhuman Strength & Agility
Human+ Intelligence Quotient
Psy-Spatial Transferrance
Affiliation(s): Terra Force One