Bennett Romley

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Full Name: Bennett Romley
Genus: Homo Sapien Sparsus
Place of Birth: UnderCity, Quadrant 105, Aurellia
Incept Date: Classified
Relatives: Gustav and Mona Romley (parents, deceased), Mille Romley (sister), Gunnar Romley (brother), Ilya Romley (sister)

"If It's Got Two Engines and A Seat, I Can Pilot It." - Bennett Romley

Bennett Romley was the youngest daughter of Gustav and Mona Romley, poor immigrants located on the northeastern quadrant of Undercity. While crime and looting from the poor immigrants where commonplace in the area, Gustav eventually found work in the salt mines, rich in minerals used to power Gaal City. He stressed the importance of hard work and discipline to his four children, of which they readily accepted.

Bennett would spend her days in the UnderCity educational system, immersing herself in every subject presented to her, and as her test scores skyrocketed, it caught the attention of her teachers, who in turn recommended to her parents that she test for The Program, the GDF’s own rigorous DNA training regiment. Believing that this might be a chance for their teenage daughter to have a chance at a better life, Gustav and Mona submitted her to the project.

After a battery of tests, she was accepted, only upon the condition that her parents were given a sizable dowry to ensure Gustav wouldn’t have to work in the salt mines-- given her Human+ abilities had already begun blossoming at an alarming rate, the GDF complied with her wishes and her family soon moved to Gaal City, a lifelong dream for both Gustav and Olga.

It is currently unknown as to the circumstances surrounding her parents’ death, and her current siblings have also gone into hiding.

Bennett Romley is currently on classified operations with the Gaal Defense Force; her current whereabouts are unknown.

Classification & Rank
Military Rank: Flight Officer, Specialist First Class
Strength: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Stamina: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Combat Skills: Reconnaissance, Flight / Aerial Combat, Military Close Quarter Combat Training
Human+ Skills: Superior Hand / Eye Coordination
Human+ Reflexes
Human+ Intelligence Quotient
Human+ Aptitude: Physics, Astronomy, Spherical Trigonometry
Affiliation(s): Terra Force One