Shara Ora Cevena

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Full Name: Shara Ora Cevena
Genus: Homo Sapien Sparsus
Place of Birth: Gaal City, Eastern Quadrant, Aurellia
Incept Date: Classified
Relatives: Gundar Cevena (husband), Ollo Cevena (son), Theresa Cevena (daughter), Tryll Ora (father), Maria Ora (mother), Patricia Ora (sister)

A Dreamer Amongst The Stars

Shara Ora Cevena always had a fascination with the science of the stars; from the early days she would lay across the rolling hills that surrounded her farm home and count the endless stars, vowing one day to join the many starships that crossed into their atmosphere to points unknown.

One evening, while gazing starbound with a brand new astrotelescopic lens given to her as a gift for her 18th birthday, she was gazing for new comets in the heavenly sky when disaster crept it’s way into her own life; a landing starfreighter carrying radioactive waste material destined for disposal lost one of it’s cargo holdings, which landed into a field near Shara, and with a murderous bang caused the deaths of over 300 Eastern Quadrant families; Shara herself was also caught into the blast but did not suffer the horrors or burns of those at Zero Point-- unfortunately for her, it was far worse.

The blast generated such a high dose of radiation that her latent Human+ talents for self-preservation kicked in and her skin literally reached out to the nature all around her, near instantaneously generating a dense cocoon surrounding her, yet protecting her from the deadly rays and radioactive gases. Her Human+ genome additonally kept her in a comatose state, from which she was not to awaken for the next two years.

Her parents Tryll and Maria were devastated; their oldest child encased in a organic tomb, and their youngest daughter was struck blind by the brightness of the blast. News of their loss reached far and wide, and soon enough, personnel from GRI sought the Cevenas out, initially to offer their scientific expertise to reverse Patricia’s blindness, and to analyze Shara’s organic tomb, eventually freeing her from it’s shell. She has gone on to become one of Gaal’s most well known astronomers and a valuable member of the Council of Gaal.

Classification & Rank
Military Rank: Major / Team Leader
Strength: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Stamina: Human+ level; Shara Ora Cevena posesses the strength of a Human+ based on non-human scale ratio of 4:1.
Combat Skills: n/a
Human+ Skills: Superhuman Strength & Agility
Human+ Intelligence Quotient
Matter Transferrance
Affiliation(s): Council Of Gaal / Hand Of Gaal