Beeloo Selariss

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Full Name: Beeloo Selariss
Genus: Homo Sapien
Place of Birth: Gaal City, Eastern Quadrant, Aurellia
Incept Date: Classified
Relatives: Unknown

A Unifier for a Fractured Planet

Beeloo Selariss, one of the Outer Quadrant’s most well known and beloved political icons, got his early start in politics by helping the people in his town organize and help generate a near-infinite source of revenue via a variety of mining and mineral related operations, crucial for many of Gaal City’s needs.

By navigating the path of both keeping his constituents happy as well as ensuring their continual safety, Beeloo was known as someone wise well beyond his years; in doing so, he was also the youngest member of the Council of Gaal, of which he’s been a part of for the last fifteen years. Throughout his tenure, he’s sought to enhance the lifestyles of both citizens in the Outer Quadrants, as well as use his considerable influence to bridge the ever growing gap between Gaalian citizens and their Undercity counterparts, with varying levels of success.

In doing so, he has also made a name for himself as a no-nonsense negotiator, often considered Gaal City’s unofficial ambassador of peace; a title he accepts with a quiet humility, truly understanding what it means to be a productive member of society, simply by leading by example.

He has been a member of The Hand of Gaal, the select group of Council of Gaal members chosen to lead Aurellia in times of war for the last five years, a position he’s reluctantly chosen to accept.

Classification & Rank
Military Rank: Major / Team Leader
Strength: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Stamina: Human+ Level; Exact limits classified
Combat Skills: Close Quarters Combat, Weapons, Special Tactics, Reconnaissance
Human+ Skills: Superhuman Strength & Agility
Human+ Intelligence Quotient
Psy-Spatial Transferrance
Affiliation(s): Terra Force One