Gaal City

The people of Gaal are separated into three colonies:

These are a very diverse group of humanoid beings; they possess extraordinary intelligence and are considered the strongest of the three colonies. They are direct descendants of the Ancestors and are the ruling class on Gaal. They each have 4 representatives in the Council of Gaal. Subclasses of this race include:

Religious souls who pray for the return of Gaal, and the revival of the Old Ways. They predict another massive war will take place, however the stars cloud their perception as to when; widely respected however they do tend to run against the policies of the Royal Galian families at times. The Royal families, do, at times, both call upon them for guidance. Also perceived to use magic but this rarely is ever seen by the general populace so it's merely considered conjecture and hyperbole.

The General population of Gaal; they comprise many races and cultures. They are the remaining people of the Old Lands and number roughly 125 million. They control and maintain the policies and laws of the land. Most of the planet, outside of these three races are uncharted and unknown-- most of the power that runs Gaal City, their capital is maintained by the city. Technology is at the forefront of their existence and all citizens enjoy a stable, disease and crime-free life.

NOMADS / WANDERERS (of the Fourth Generation)
This race of people are from the 4th generation of the Old Lands; they possess limited intelligence and technology compared to those who live in Gaal City; while most are law abiding, there is an undercurrent of both criminal activity, largely confined to the unregulated regions of Gaal. Going outside of the colony limits is strictly forbidden, and these rules are enforced by the TerraUnits, a policing contingent funded by Gaal City.