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Simian Soldiers v1.0 now Live!
After many long hours of development, I’m happy to announce the first iteration of our site is now available to the public! On this site you’ll be able to purchase our various products and learn all about the Simian Soldiers universe, via detailed character profiles on just about every character in our story.

Each section is very user friendly, so there is no right or wrong way to browse our site; you can reach any page here with one click, and I’ve made it my personal mantra to make the user experience as easy to navigate as possible; as we are constantly updating sections, please forgive any bugs you see, as with a living site, there will be continuous development and changes.

You can always find the latest news and updates on the NEWS page, as that is where I’ll be making notes on things that are being added to the site; your feedback is critical to the success of the site, so by all means let me know what you think by clicking the CONTACT button in the navigation bar.

For ease of use, I’ve decided against creating my own social media community on the site (also, because I’m working on actually getting things done, I don’t have the time to spend moderating posts as well), so I’ve set up a group on Facebook for you to interact with me as well; both this site and the Facebook group will have continual updates so to access our group, please click the COLLECTIVE button.

Well, I’ve got more work to do, so let me get back to it, and I’ll talk to you soon!

all the best,