About Simian Soldiers
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Simian Soldiers is the culmination of Mike Harrington’s collective artistic efforts; this project encompasses both film and television entertainment properties, music soundtracks, graphic novels and novellas. It was created in 1993 as a side project for his artistic talents; maturing over the years, he has grown the property to unforeseen levels through a mixture of blood, sweat, tears and good old fashioned hard work.

The story of Simian Soldiers centers around Jordan Alcott, an esteemed member of the Gaal Defense Force, and he, along with a highly trained group of superhuman soldiers are going to be tested time and time again by a rampaging horde known as the Simian Soldiers. What sets this project apart from most science fiction is the story; it’s very character-driven and has more twists and turns than you can possibly imagine.

Jordan, coming from a decorated family of soldiers knows that it’s his turn to step up; to be the force of light against unrelenting evil and to protect all that he holds dear against a force that has conquered countless worlds and will stop at nothing to destroy his own. Sudorg the Great, the leader of the Simian Soldiers is also on a collision course; he must find humanoid DNA to replenish his homeworld, under the directive of the Great Queen. When the two meet, it’s a battle to the death, and there can only be one victor.

This concept was created, illustrated and produced by Mike Harrington, and he brings along Jean-Paul Rangel to handle the lettering duties on Simian Soldiers; Jean’s sharp eye and mastery of the lettered word will be an asset to the Simian Soldiers brand, so look for this project to be released in the Fall of 2017.